Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 533) Inspecting

“Tell me if it comes at us.” The old woman says to Stephen in her normal voice, he hears a nervous tremor in her speech.

Keeping his eyes on the demon, he is confused at this statement by Klara. First, she is laughing as if she has evil intent and now she changes to a more protective nature. He does not know what to believe or if he can put an ounce of trust in her. Dizziness begins to fall over him and his pulse rate elevates. He can feel Zsofia’s breathing increase as the room becomes energized with intense apprehension.

“What is happening Stephen, what’s going on?” Zsofia whispers as she grabs hold of his arms pressing even closer to him than before.

“I don’t know, I can see it, but. . .” He does not finish his statement for the Guta begins to slowly and awkwardly, tip its head sideways as if inspecting what it is looking at, which happens to be Stephen himself.

The frightening appearance and reaction from the Guta of the words Stephen was speaking, causes him to step back again, but Zsofia is already up against the wall. They cannot get any further away unless they attempt to leave the room.

“Stephen, you need to stay with it, don’t take your eyes off it.” Klara whispers as she steps over to be beside him.

“Why should I trust you?” He questions in a hateful manner.

“Why shouldn’t you? What have I done?” Klara asks politely as she turns to look at him, her eyes no longer filled with the strange misty glow.


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