Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 538) Raindrops

As these thoughts race through Stephen’s mind, he does not realize he has stepped away from Zsofia and is now pacing from the sink in the kitchen to the mudroom. Step after step he moves back and forth mumbling to himself about things he cannot even decipher. If he were a stranger watching himself, he would surely believe insanity is at play here.

Rage is building and his thoughts are becoming clouded as he allows his emotions to get the better of him. He recalls the last few days before his parents were killed in a car accident. They were excited about his graduation from school and to celebrate, the family was making travel plans.

Stephen can still hear the raindrops hitting his umbrella and the top of the car when he happened upon the scene only minutes after the first responders arrived. Driving past the site, he recognized the car immediately and pulled over.

At this moment, Stephen stops in the middle of the room as rain begins to pelt at the window once again as another storm enters the area. He feels all color drain from his face. His pulse increases and there is a biting coldness that rushes across his shoulders causing him to nearly buckle under the weight of realizing how alone in this world he is.


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