Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 543) No Better

“You are a manipulative old hag who uses others for your own pleasure.” Stephen states in a low growling voice.

Klara does not say a word in response. She simply sits at the table, calm and quiet as she listens to Stephen’s opinion. Laszlo looks from Stephen to Klara and then back at Stephen but he does not offer any additional statements but now he begins to tap his fingers together nervously.

“You and Laszlo have given me a lot of insight into who my grandmother really was.” Stephen pauses. “And I can tell, you Klara, you repulse me. You are no better than her, in fact, you are just like her.” He grits his teeth with this last statement. “I despise that you are here, I feel ignorant for befriending you, and I want you gone in any way possible. Hopefully pain will be involved!” He yells out of frustration as he pounds his fist down on the table once again.


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