Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 544) Beneficial

“I understand your emotions in this and I do apologize in the tactics I had to use, but as you can see, it all worked out perfectly, for you are here now. . . aren’t you.” Klara says this as she opens the small book sitting in front of her.

Stephen stands up, looks at the individuals sitting at the table, and then turns as he walks toward the entrance to the main entry hall. Just before he starts to place one foot over the double line of salt, the hideous laughter of the Guta echoes throughout the room and this stops Stephen instantly.

“Do not tempt it, Istvan. . . do not tempt it.” Klara says as she watches him.

Turning to look at the old woman he once trusted, he would much rather throw her out of the manor than to hear her speak again. He then realizes everyone is looking at him but most of all, he sees the fear in Zsofia’s eyes.

“I wish to banish the Guta from the manor and from our lives.” Klara says in a relaxed way. “You are fighting something that could prove to be beneficial.”

“Beneficial! Beneficial to whom? You?” Stephen yells at her.

The attempt by Stephen to flee and the distressing horrible laughter of the Guta that followed does not seem to affect Klara’s demeanor in any way. However, the words spoken by Stephen appear to cut through her, for she lowers her head and looks as if she is sobbing.


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  1. A dialogue to ponder about.Jalal

    October 23, 2015 at 2:06 pm

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