Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 546) Gushing Down

Stephen dumps three pills into his hand and swallows them without caring what the others think. What is it to them? He no longer cares about appearances for he believes this entire plot is being carefully coordinated by a very sick and demented individual or possibly by everyone in this room!

Thunder rattles at the windows with monstrous force as if trying to enter the room. The rain is heavy and loud as it runs off the rooftop four floors above and comes gushing down in torrents. Convinced that he is doomed to die either by the hand of Klara or the Guta itself, he decides to take his chances at running from the house.

In what he considers a rational assessment of the situation, and if the demon is truly once again captured in the manor as Klara has stated, then closing the door behind him after he flees, will be all that he needs to do. Once free, he will work to get Zsofia and her family out, and move back to the states leaving his history and ancestral manor behind. As far as he is concerned, Klara can die here in the most miserable way possible.


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