Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 547) Fading

“Take your seat, Istvan.” Klara says in a demanding voice. “I no longer wish to drag this out.” She watches as he defies her order. “Your role is simple and if you just sit and listen. . .” Before she can finish her statement, Stephen turns and looks at Zsofia.

“I will be back for you.” Stephen states before he bolts out the entrance of the dining room, quickly reaching the main doorway of the house.

“No! Istvan! No!” He hears Klara yelling as he pulls the latch to open the large and heavy entrance door.

Turning to look at the group, he realizes his vision is fading and everything begins to close in from all sides. In the dining room, Klara stands up and runs from the other side of the table to the doorway where she extends her arm to reach him. She dare not step over the line of salt and she is much too far away now to even touch him. He sees her outreached hand and the slow-motion type movements of everyone in the room as they stand to assist.


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