Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 549) Waiting

“I resealed the room, we must continue.” He hears Klara say as her voice becomes clear and she steps into his view. “Did you think you could outrun it?” She asks as if scolding him. “No one can do that and you of anyone should know this.” She grumbles as she reaches down to touch him.

“No, Klara!” Zsofia states with anger as she holds her arms out to protect Stephen from the old woman. “Don’t you dare touch him!” She glares at Klara causing her to pause and then back away.

“Can you sit up boy?” Laszlo questions as he bends down to help.

“I think so.” Stephen replies as he tries to prop himself up, but the pain is too great.

“Here, let me help.” The old man says as he loops his arms under Stephen’s and helps him to a standing position.

Zsofia pulls a chair out from the table and assist her grandfather in getting Stephen seated. This position feels a little better to him but he is still in a great deal of pain. He does not recall everything that happened because it came on too fast. However, he believes the attack was by the hands of the Guta and this can only mean one thing. It is waiting for him or maybe anyone to make a move.


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