Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 550) An Outcast

“From as far back as I can remember I have been alone in this world. I never found love, riches, or happiness in any way. I lost my parents at an early age and at some point, of which I do not remember, I learned it was best to accept things as they are.” Klara states in a calm thoughtful tone.

Stephen, still working at gathering his senses, is resting with his forehead pressed down on the cold wooden table. However, with the last set of words leaving Klara’s lips, he looks up and stares at the old woman. He wants to hear what it is she is trying to convey for her story is much like his own.

“I often felt like an outcast but when the last member of my family passed on, something changed in me. I felt lighter and more accepting of who I actually was. I felt. . . free.” She says softly as she looks into the flickering white flame of the candle in front of her.

“I never knew you to be full of malice, so why now have you turned on everyone?” Laszlo questions as he once again takes his seat.

“How long do you think you’ve known me?” Klara asks as she laughs almost making a mockery of Laszlo’s words.

This odd response just causes everyone at the table to look at each other with questioning glances. It seems she is challenging Laszlo for an answer yet, there is no reason for her to do so.


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