Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 551) The Riddles

“Well I’ve known you for. . .” Laszlo pauses. “Well I, I can’t really remember the first time I met you. The shop you run, it’s been here for twenty, maybe thirty years?”

“You’ve known me much longer dear man.” She replies. “Although you have forgotten much of your past, haven’t you?” She looks directly at Laszlo as if expecting him to agree but he looks more confused than before.

“We can do without the riddles.” Stephen states harshly for he is tired of the tricks and passive aggressive statements. “What are you really trying to say? That you are a prankster, a liar and a thief?” His tone is sarcastic and demanding. “You hurt people for your own twisted pleasure. So please, do tell us, what is it Klara!” He slams his fist on the table then grabs his side as he tries to hide the pain he feels from his movements. “Just how long have you been toying with Laszlo and his family?”

The old woman looks at him but does not say a word and she shows no emotion. In fact, he recognizes this type of heartless expression for it is exactly the same look he recalls his grandmother had when she watched her husband, his grandfather, being bludgeoned to death. He feels so much hatred right now, for his grandmother, the current situation everyone is in and how untouched by it all that Klara seems to be, that he cannot hold back what he says next.


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