Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 552) Intuitive

“What was the term you used earlier for yourself? You said you could be mistaken for an old witch, a babak. That’s it! You are nothing more than an old babak!” Stephen looks Klara straight in the eye and she does not look away.

“In fact, old hag, you remind me of my heartless grandmother who I know for a fact could see the Guta. She watched as it beat on my grandfather, because she kept looking at me with surprise. She didn’t expect me to see it or to see her blatant uncaring heartlessness toward him!” Stephen says as he glares at her and the room falls silent for several seconds.

“Well that is very intuitive of you, Istvan. . .” Klara says softly as she pauses and takes a moment to look around the table at each individual. “Very intuitive indeed for your grandmother was my sister.” She states in a very blunt manner as she looks directly at Stephen.

The response from Laszlo shows in his expression and it is nothing short of complete dismay. Clearly, he did not know about this connection to the old mysterious woman and her shocking news has taken him completely off guard. He stares at her as if he is seeing her for the first time.


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