Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 553) An Observer

Stephen is speechless as he sits across the table from Klara, staring as she calmly sits in the large chair. She is not looking at anyone for her focus is on the candles and the rope laying out straight in the center of the table. Looking back at this woman with her words circling around in his head, Stephen has no idea in how to respond. He is angry, furious and yet intrigued at the same time.

“I was always different. I could see things before they happened and I could hear truths where others heard lies.” She looks at Laszlo. “I met you shortly after you and my sister became close, before she met Istvan’s grandfather.” She looks over at Stephen.

“She used your grandfather, like Kate used you.” She nods her head as if finally understanding something. “Funny how things are passed down through the generations until someone is strong enough to put an end to it.”

Stephen watches Klara as she speaks, now seeing her in a slightly different light, yet feeling she is still up to no good. He puts his arm around Zsofia who turns and looks at him thoughtfully.

“Your grandmother was always the pretty one, the funny one everyone adored.” Klara laughs. “When we were younger, she was envious of my abilities. I kept them hidden for the most part, because I didn’t want to become an outcast, but she knew what I could do.” She smiles as she thinks back. “I wanted her attention so bad that I taught her everything and as you can tell, I ended up a recluse despite my efforts.” Klara laughs. “Funny that you feel you have control of your destiny, yet somehow things can get twisted and you find that all along, you are merely an observer.”


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