Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 554) Less Honorable

“Did you play a part in my grandfather’s demise?” Stephen questions as he holds his hand to his side.

“Absolutely not!” Klara responds with anger. “I never used my abilities in an evil way. I know right from wrong!” It is clear she took offense to Stephen’s suggestion.

“Then I do not understand.” Zsofia states in a calm manner. “That is exactly what you are doing now. You are trying to hurt Stephen.”

“I am not trying to hurt Istvan; I need his support for I am sacrificing myself to the Guta to end this.” Klara states quietly and now everyone, if they had not been before, is paying close attention to what she has to say.

“When your grandfather died by her hand, and that is how I see it, I then realized what such abilities could do if channeled in a negative way. Because of the way she used her skills, from an early age mind you,” she looks at Laszlo, “I knew I would never have children. Passing this on to another person, a person of a less honorable personality, frightened me.”


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