Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 557) Oh Dear

Stephen begins to think about Klara. He wonders what her childhood was like with his grandmother as her sister and if perhaps, she was once in love. She is well into the latter years of her life, yet he cannot help but think she and Laszlo would make a compatible couple.

“Nonsense.” Klara says without looking up as she continues to read the open page in the book.

She then glances quickly at Stephen as if she is answering the question that was going through his mind. Puzzled by this odd response but almost knowing she would say something, he glances at Laszlo and then smiles, but the old man simply looks back down at the table, acting as if he sees a smudge that needs to be buffed away by his finger.

“Oh dear.” Klara says under her breath.

“What is it?” Stephen questions as he looks out at the entryway to see if the demon is lurking.

Klara looks up at him but says nothing. After a moment of thought, she reaches over to the rope, and begins to pull it toward her as she wraps it into a ball. Next, she stands up, leans forward over the table, and pushes two candles forward, one toward Laszlo and one to Tamas.


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