Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 558) Wrong Place

“What are you doing? Is this part of the ritual?” Stephen questions as Klara slides the candles over.

“No, it is not.” Klara replies with worry.

“What did the book say?” He questions.

“I have us in the wrong place.” She says nervously. “We must move to the spring fed stream below the manor.

“All of us?” Laszlo questions as he puts his arm around Tamas.

“Yes, all of us.” Klara replies quickly without looking anyone in the eye as if she is embarrassed due to her error.

“Why must we go there?” Stephen asks as he pulls two of the candles toward him.

He remembers the one and only time he ventured below the floorboards of the main level. He was looking for the power supply box and during his time of standing on the earthen floor, the sound of gurgling water created an eerie effect to the already mysterious place. This was his experience before he learned the secrets of the Guta dwelling here. The thought of going there now sends an icy chill through him.

“We have to go back to where it began.” The elderly woman replies. “I want each of you to carry one burning candle. They have been blessed and lit to serve as protection.”


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