Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 559) Amulet

Klara sticks her hands in her pockets as if trying to locate something and then begins to rummage through the bag of supplies she brought with her. After several minutes of searching, she pulls a clump of silver chains from a side pocket of the bag.

“Oh thank heavens.” Klara says as she holds her hand up to her chest then kisses it as if saying a prayer. “In my hand are silver amulets of the Turul, a holy bird of the upper world. I have one for each of you and you must wear them.” She gently works at untangling the clump of chains. “Wear this amulet and keep the flame of the candle alive. You should be safe, with the Turul around your neck hanging over your heart, and the flame of your candle burning brightly in your hand.” With that being said, they slip the chain around their own necks and Klara turns to Laszlo.

“The locket that you placed in your shirt pocket,” Klara says to him, “it is the only reason you and Tamas stayed safe while in hiding. Carved on the back is a Turul. That in itself is proof of the Turul’s power.” She says confidently. “The other aspect, the way you feel about that item, it too worked to repel the beast.” She says without elaborating further.


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