Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 560) Klara’s Lead

Holding in one hand the ball of rope that her sister hung herself from, Klara gathers the book, stuffs it under her arm, and carefully handles one of the burning candles. Following directions, Stephen slides one of the candles to Zsofia as everyone stands up, each clasping a warm glass holder in their hand. Zsofia takes Tamas by the hand as she smiles at him. His eyes are fearful for he does not fully understand what is happening, and in witnessing the experience Stephen had just minutes ago, he is afraid to leave the room.

“Tamas, I will stay with you.” Zsofia says softly as she squeezes her brother’s hand.

Following Klara’s lead, they walk toward the doorway that opens to the hall. Before stepping across the threshold, Klara stops and whispers something under her breath as she bows her head slightly.

“What are you saying?” Stephen questions in a suspicious manner for he fears she is placing a hex or a curse on the group.

He wants to trust that Klara is telling the truth, but in the back of this mind, he recalls how quickly she has flipped in opposite directions in the past. One moment she is helpful and compassionate, then harsh and mysterious. He is also worried about the strange discoloration he has witnessed happening to her eyes. He has yet to inquire about it and she has not offered any explanation. For that matter, does she even know it is happening?


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