Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 561) Unwelcoming

“My statement was not a curse, I assure you.” The old woman replies softly to the thoughts going through Stephen’s mind.

“Isn’t it?” Stephen questions. “When I asked what you were saying you didn’t reply, so why would you deny it now unless were guilty of it.” He says so only she can hear.

“I replied because that is what you were implying in your thoughts.” Klara says, as she looks out into the hall, first right, then left. “I heard you.”

Quickly, Klara ends the one-on-one conversation and steps out into the dark hallway. Surprised that she actually knew what he was thinking, Stephen is a bit dumbfounded as he leans against the wall to let the group through the doorway. Hesitantly, everyone huddles together expecting something to happen but the venture out into the hall is uneventful. In a very short distance, they gather at the doorway that leads downstairs to the lowest and least visited portion of the manor. As soon as the door opens, a musty, earthy odor trickles out to the group in and unwelcoming mist.

“This is your home Istvan, you must lead the way.” Klara says a she moves to the side to allow him to take the first step.


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