Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 562) A Conduit

With Stephen already feeling the presence of the Guta, the order of him going first is not a welcomed statement and he pauses, moving neither forward nor backward. He turns to look back at Zsofia, who is directly behind him holding on to her brother’s hand. He can see the worry in her eyes as she tries to smile, but he can tell, terror is holding her silent.

“Istvan, you must trust me.” Klara says as she touches his arm.

“I don’t trust anyone.” He replies as he takes the first step down.

The low flickering light from the candles barely give enough light to their surroundings to see each other, let alone to view deep within this cavernous space.

With all the rain that has fallen in the past several hours, rushing water instead of a gently gurgle, is heard coming from the far end of the area. As soon as everyone is standing on the earthen floor, they huddle together like frightened children. Even Klara is having trouble taking this action.

“Now what?” Stephen questions.

He looks in the direction where he remembers the small room to be, but the blackness is too dense and to him, it is growing darker still.

“Water is a conduit of energy and we need its assistance as well as the flow in which it carries itself.” Klara says in a riddle kind of way. “We must follow Istvan to the source.” She says to the group.


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