Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 563) Foreboding

Again, Stephen must take the lead but at this moment, he is unsure of the necessity of it all. He keeps asking himself how he can possibly follow this old woman blindly. How can he be sure she is not leading this group to a deadly trap?

“We shall walk in a single row as Istvan leads the way.” The old woman commands and once again, Stephen hesitates which causes Klara to become aggressive. “Istvan, you cannot waste time, we must be near the water by three.” She grumbles as she pushes his arm forward.

“Alright!” Stephen replies as he holds his candle out from his body.

“Here son.” Laszlo says stopping Stephen as he takes his first step. “I grabbed this as we left the room.”

Laszlo hands the large flashlight over for Stephen to use. This is a welcomed relief for it makes quite a difference to the natural and small flicker of candle flames. Pointing the beam toward the back of the manor, which is the direction they must travel, a foreboding darkness is hovering thick in the air. Stephen holds his candle up close to his face and draws in a breath before a hand covers his mouth.

“No, Istvan!” Klara whispers forcefully in his ear. “You must not extinguish the flame.”


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