Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 564) The Flames

Looking at Klara with wide eyes, Stephen nods yes and she removes her hand from his mouth. Just now in Klara’s expression, for the first time since he met her, she is showing complete and total terror. This is a bit unnerving to say the least for in all other dealings with her, she has come across as a seer or clairvoyant that seems to know what will happen next. Up until now, there has been a confidence about her that made her appear strong and in control. Her snub demeanor has angered Stephen in the past and definitely here tonight, but something has shifted. There is a fear, a change in her that Stephen knows is not for the best.

“All of you,” Klara says with authority, “keep your candles burning. The beast is here with us.” She looks behind her. “It is lurking in the shadows it creates and only the flames you hold will keep you safe.”

Zsofia holds her hand up as a shield in front of her candle. As they slowly begin walking, her flame stays steady and she motions for Tamas to do the same. He quickly follows his sister’s request.

“Here in the belly of the manor is where it feels secure and empowered. We must be extra careful and mindful of all that we do.” Klara states as she taps her cane out in front of her as if she were blind.


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