Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 565) Dark River

The air is cold and damp in the depths of this old structure as the group slowly makes their way toward the sound of rushing water. Quickly crossing the golden beam of Stephen’s flashlight, there is movement off to one side and he knows it is the Guta as is scurries around them. He does not believe Tamas noticed for the young man is staying exceptionally quiet.

Water is pouring out of several sections of a huge rock wall as it splashes down from the left corner of the basements inner section. This natural spring feeds the dark river that flows below the manor as well as the clear pool and reservoirs of the conservatory.

The entire center section of this massive expanse, serves much like an enormous container holding in the nutrients and life source for the conservatory. Jetting out of this solid section of rock and soil are roots from the trees growing in the glass environment above. The old plantings twist and curl and have planted themselves deep into the earthen floor.

As the group approaches the wet rocks, it is obvious the large stream of water has extended its banks and is moving at a rather swift rate. The water is much deeper than expected as it continues to raise taking in most of the surrounding area.

“Oh my, it looks deep.” Klara says as she steps up next to the overflowed section of ground.

“Well it’s not like we are going to get in it.” Stephen replies as he looks around to see if he can find where the beast is hiding.


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  1. That darn, elusive beast!! 😦

    November 5, 2015 at 1:28 am

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