Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 566) We Three

When Stephen finishes panning the area with the beam of the flashlight, he glances at Klara, who is looking up at him with painful eyes. She not only looks tired, but fearful and weepy. He immediately deciphers what this reaction means.

“So we are ummm. . . we have to get in the water?” Stephen asks as he tries to keep this from the others.

“Yes, Istvan.” She says softly. “You and I. . . and Laszlo.” She continues as she turns slightly and reaches out for Laszlo’s hand. “We three must enter.”

“What? Why?” Zsofia asks quickly as she and Tamas step closer to the other three.

“We need the powerful energy moving water creates.” Klara pauses. “This flow is strong and will be very beneficial in assisting us with the ritual.” The old woman states as she watches Zsofia glance from looking at the water to her grandfather and then to Stephen. “That is if we can manage to stay standing in it.” She laughs nervously and then clears her throat before a long pause. “It must be done.” Klara says as she nods her head and then turns her back to the group. “What is the time?”

“A quarter to three.” Laszlo says as he looks at his watch.


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