Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 567) Turns Away

Klara swiftly opens the little book and tugs at the flashlight in Stephen’s hand. She forces him to point it at the pages as she reads the words to herself. After several minutes of studying the pages and whispering to herself, she takes the flashlight from Stephen’s hand.

“Here Zsofia, you hold the light and keep it on us. We do not want to be in the water without a light.” Klara says.

She continues to hold onto the light until she knows Zsofia has a firm grip. Next, she rests her hand on Zsofia’s for several seconds as if absorbing her thoughts, then passes the small book to her for safekeeping.

“Put this in your pocket, keep it safe, and always remember to save your memories.” Klara says softly as she looks at Zsofia. “It will be fine child, do not worry.” Whispers the old woman as she pat’s the top of Zsofia’s hand in a soothing motherly way.

Looking into her eyes, Zsofia sees a kindness in the old woman that she never has before. This small person has always been sweet to Zsofia, but her odd way of living and lack of communication with the townsfolk kept her at a distance turning her into somewhat of a mystery. Zsofia cannot help herself as she reaches out and gives Klara a long tight hug. As she pulls out of the embrace, she believes she sees tears building in Klara’s eyes but before she can speak, the old woman turns away.


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