Shadows of Guta (Excerpt 568) Final Time

“We must do this now, Istvan.” Klara says with authority as she holds her hand out. “The water will be very cold. . . I apologize.”

“Wait, I just need a second.” Stephen says as he turns toward Zsofia and walks up to her as they stand eye to eye.

The candles in their hands reflect off their faces as they look at each other. At first, neither says a word, but then they both begin to speak at once, which causes them to grin at one another. The golden strands of Zsofia’s long hair are glistening and Stephen feels like crying for the first time in years as he stares at this beautiful woman. She is not just a friend, no, she is so much more and he wants so badly to protect her.

He loves her without a doubt and he knows she feels the same about him. He also knows this may very well be the end of him. The fear of thinking his life will soon be taken is so very hard to comprehend. He fears the unknown place of death but he also realizes that if he does not try this ritual, he is doomed just the same. It is hard for him to admit, this could very well be goodbye.

Before he can say a single word, Zsofia reaches up, her touch soft and loving on his cheek as she gently slides her hand down to his neck. He wants to kiss her, and tell her that if he survives, he will be her protector forever. A lump forms in his throat as he begins to speak but Zsofia leans forward and kisses him tenderly.

“I will be waiting, right here Stephen.” She says as if she knows exactly what he is thinking.

He blinks his eyes rapidly trying to stop the flow of tears he feels coming, but it is too late. A large bead trickles down his face as he leans in kissing her for what may be the final time.


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