Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 569) You Will Know

“Istvan, we must be mindful of the time.” Klara states as she continues to watch the water but reaches back holding her hand out to Stephen. “We need a steady light, Zsofia. Whatever happens and no matter what you see, keep the light upon us.”

“I will.” Zsofia replies as Tamas steps closer to his sister.

All this time Laszlo has been quiet and just as Klara and Stephen are about to take the first step into the water, he yells out.

“Klara, what am I supposed to do?” He says loudly. “This curse is mine as well.” He pauses, “Can I take Stephen’s place?” He offers.

“You will know the role to play and when to play it.” Klara replies without turning to look at him.

With the rope wrapped around her left arm, Klara reaches to her right, and takes Stephen’s hand in hers. They take the first step and Stephen instantly wants do draw back. The water is ice-cold, freezing, and he knows hyperthermia is imminent if they spend very much time in it at all. Even at this level, barely past his toes, he can tell the current is strong.


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