Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 570) Deeper

Klara murmurs something under her breath, then pulls on Stephen’s arm, stopping him as he stands beside her. The water is up higher now, a little over his ankles but below the knee and the frigid temperature is almost unbearable to both individuals.

Again, Klara repeats the same thing over again but Stephen has no idea what it is she is saying, or the language she is using. It does not sound like the native Hungarian he is growing more accustomed too but he is too cold to ask for an explanation either. All he wants to do is turn back.

“Klara, I think we need to. . .” Stephen starts to say turn around, but Klara squeezes his hand in hers rather hard and he stops mid-sentence.

Moving a few steps deeper into the water, Stephen feels the ache of his skin and muscles reacting to the chilling black water. Again, Klara continues to chant to herself as she squeezes his hand again pulling him deeper still. Once they find themselves in the middle of the cold dark stream, they turn to face the beam of light Zsofia is diligently shining at them.

Severe pain is now shooting up though Stephens body at a rapid rate causing his nose to start running and his eyes to water. He knows he cannot handle the agony he is feeling for much longer but suddenly, he feels as if the icy water around his lower legs is beginning to fade.


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