Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 571) Show Yourself

There is a flush of warmth, radiating up through Stephen’s veins, from his toes to his waist. Where they are standing, the ice-cold water is level with the bottom of Stephen’s ribcage and is nearly up to poor Klara’s crooked and bent neck. In his mind, he recalls hearing that when a person is about to die from extreme cold, you actually start to feel warm. He fears this is what is happening to him but he is okay with it, anything is better than the biting pain he has been fighting up to this point.

Together, the old woman and Stephen stand while continuing to hold their candles higher than the swirling water rushing around them. The forceful current is strong as it pulls at them nearly washing them away several times. With her free hand, the one with the rope wrapped around her wrist, Klara loops the thick brown cord around her neck and continues to wrap it snuggly as she tries to stand firm in the turbulence.

Stephen is doing his best to hold her steady but the water seems to be gaining in the speed of its current. Chanting just under her breath to herself, the repetitious verse begins to drown out from the increasing sounds around them. Klara raises her arms and candle high above her head as she calls out to the Guta.

“Guta, demon of Alvilag, I am the taltos, a shaman of the light! I demand you step forward!” Klara yells at the top of her lungs. I demand you show yourself to us!” She says loudly as the speed of the water picks up.


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