Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 572) Delight

Klara looks down at the deep rushing stream with great fear and even from the water’s edge; Zsofia has noticed the changed expression on the old woman’s face. Holding the light steady and strong she and Tamas watch for anything out of the ordinary as the ritual progresses.

With his candle high above his head, Stephen grabs hold of Klara’s small frame for he can feel an undertow forming in the water. Instantly, the beam of light from the flashlight goes out causing him to look up at Zsofia. She was to keep it on them at all times! He can tell she is banging on it for it flickers and flashes as she attempts to make it work.

The three candles that Klara gave them as protection are still burning but they do not give off much light. Deep in the rushing torrent, holding onto Klara as she tries to firm her position in the deep water, Stephen looks down for just a second. When he glances back at his three friends standing at the water’s edge, he is horror-struck by what he sees.

Directly behind Zsofia, in the faint flicker of candlelight, is the horrific grin of the Guta. Here in the shadowy darkness of the basement, it scurries about freely and as if taunting Stephen to make a choice between helping Klara, or rushing to protect the woman he loves, it watches with complete and utter delight.


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