Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 573) The Current

Watching the beast as it stands near the water’s edge behind Zsofia, Stephen panic’s.

“No! You leave her alone!” Stephen yells with anger and Zsofia gives him an odd look for she did not hear what he said, she just knows he is yelling.

Still with the flashlight out, Stephen starts to move in Zsofia’s direction but Klara tugs at him to make sure he stays with her. This rapid shift in his stance along with the rush of water causes him to lose his footing. As he falls forward into the current, he drops the candle from his hand and watches as its flame extinguishes in the blackness of the deep flow swirling around him.

The echoing screams of the black liquid rushing around his ears and the coldness he now feels nearly causes him to pass out. Standing up quickly, his head emerges out of the stream and he starts coughing from the gulps of water he took in. Klara falls toward him as the force of the current gets even stronger and she begins to drift past him.

“Klara! Grab my hand!” he yells as he reaches for her.

Suddenly, the beam from the flashlight shines on him nearly blinding him with its brightness as Klara’s hand slips out of his. Lunging toward her, he gets his hands on the rope and begins to pull on it, which causes it to tighten around the old woman’s neck. He realizes this is happening but it is all he can do until he is able to grab her arm in his and pull her to him. Without wasting a moment, and in a very loud voice, Klara begins to yell out at the Guta once again.


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