Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 575) Unyielding

The frightening and dominant beast does not seem effected by the movement of the escalating water. In fact, it stands rigid and unyielding without much effort at all. Klara is frantically holding onto Stephen as she begins to yell out orders once again but the Guta seems to feed off her fear as it takes hold of the rope. With an evil grin and grumbling voice, it tugs at the old cord causing it to tighten around Klara’s neck like the noose that killed her sister. Slowly the monster begins to reel her in and the old woman’s voice becomes stifled and mute from the pressure on her throat.

“No!” Stephen yells as he pulls back on Klara but immediately he realizes this merely makes things worse for her as the rope gets tighter and smaller blocking all the air she is trying to take in.

At the water’s edge, Zsofia continues to hold the light but is becoming more and more confused as to what is happening. She cannot see the creature as it toys with Stephen and Klara and to her; they are simply trying to stay afloat. She looks to her grandfather in a questioning way and he too appears frantic as he steps closer to Tamas.


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