Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 577) Once Loved

Zsofia is knee-deep in the frigid water by the time Laszlo grabs her, pulling her back to the bank and out of the freezing temperatures. Thrashing around and fighting her grandfather to free herself, she drops the flashlight leaving Stephen and Klara completely in the dark.

Tamas grabs the light and begins clicking the button repeatedly in an attempt for it to turn on. At this point, the only candle that remains lit is the one Tamas set on the ground as he tries to reactivate the flashlight.

“Grandfather, please! He is going to be killed!” Zsofia pleads frantically as she desperately works to free herself from Laszlo’s hold.

“No, if anyone is going out there, it is me. I love you far too much to let you get hurt! This is my fight anyhow. I caused this and I will not let you fall victim because of it!” The old man says with much authority and love for his family.

Reaching into his shirt pocket, Laszlo retrieves the small locket that fell at his feet in the upstairs sitting room. In the dim light of the single flame still burning, he pops it open for a quick look at the woman he once loved more than anything in the world, then immediately clicks it shut.


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