Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 578) Her Spell

“Klara told me I would know what to do. Now is the time for me to do it.” Laszlo kisses the locket before looping the chain over his head and dropping it down to his neck.

“What? No! Grandfather you can’t!” Zsofia says as she takes hold of his arm.

“I must! This is my fault! Not yours and not his!” He points out toward Stephen as he looks into his granddaughter’s tear-filled eyes.

“Do you not think that if she could create all of this, that she did not control you as well?” Zsofia yells as she tries to reason with the old man. “She used you and your love for her to get what she wanted, but it would have never been enough! Whether she truly loved you in the end or not, I know you grandfather, I know you would have never done any of this willingly!” She takes hold of his arm. “You were duped and under her spell, you too were a victim!”

“I love you, Zsofia. You have grown to be a wonderful caring and loving woman.” He kisses her on the forehead and reaches to Tamas pulling him into a strong hug. “Take care of Tamas, just as you always have.” Laszlo says in a calm tone as he looks into his granddaughter’s eyes.

With his statement made, the old man walks toward the water and after only two steps in, begins to feel sharp biting pains from its frigid temperature. Despite this horrific pain, he presses forward to do what he must and to suffer what he is due.

Tamas begins to cry aloud as Zsofia pulls him to her. Together they watch their grandfather step beyond the range of the candles dim glow as the rushing water takes him in to its depths.


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