Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 580) I Give Myself

“You cannot harm them any longer!” Klara yells loudly in order to be heard over the abnormally noisy surroundings. “I give myself to you as an offering to free these innocent souls!”

“No, Klara! Don’t!” Stephen yells as he races to find her but in the dark it is nearly impossible for him to know where she is.

“You cannot harm them for they are enveloped in light, You cannot. . .” Klara’s statement cuts short as Stephen hears a loud splash and water hits his face, making it obvious she is near him.

“Klara!” He yells even though he knows this will draw attention to himself.

Reaching down in the water with his hands, he thrashes around hoping to get a hold of her. Unexpectedly, when she grabs hold of his arm, it frightens him to the point he yells out, however, even though he pulls back, he manages to keep hold of her wrist. Grabbing on tightly, he draws her to him.

The all too familiar raspy laughter of the Guta rings in his ears as if it is within inches of him. The complete darkness does not save Stephen from seeing the beast for the image has been fixed in his mind for far too many years. He knows it is grinning as it toys with him but Stephen’s concern for the old woman is far greater than his own safety.


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