Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 581) In The Hush

Leaning back and tugging at the same time, Stephen pulls Klara enough that she latches onto him by wrapping her thin arms around his neck. He immediately tightens his arms around her to hold her above the water. Gasping for air and in a weakened state, she begins to speak.

“Stephen,” she gulps as she tries to breath, “the locket,” she gasps again. “We need to. . .”

Before she can finish, she and Stephen are violently pushed and they both fall over into the darkness. Without letting go of her he immediately rights himself. However, no sooner does he get her head above water, he feels her pulled from his grasp, snatched from his arms as if he had no strength at all.

Just as Stephen takes a step, he is hit with a powerful blow that once again knocks him into the water, this time much deeper than before. Under the current, he hears the screams of many voices as he scrambles to gain access to the air above. This time, when he emerges, all is quiet and the water is nearly smooth. After a few seconds of silence, he hears Zsofia calling from the water’s edge and her voice echoes loudly in the hush.

“Grandfather? Stephen?” Zsofia’s voice reverberates as she hits the side of the flashlight desperately trying to get it to work.

“Klara?” Stephen whispers in a low tone, but he does not receive a reply from the old woman.

“Stephen? Stephen, is that you?” Zsofia’s voice resonates in the darkness as the flashlight finally flickers on.


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