Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 582) The Current

The beam shining across the flooded creek is not as strong as it was earlier. Looking around, Stephen does not see Klara or the Guta anywhere and he is not aware that Laszlo entered the water at all.

“Oh Stephen, are you okay?” Zsofia questions, almost in a whisper, as she points the light in his direction but not directly. “Grandfather? Where are you?” She questions a little louder as she moves the light slightly but not so much that Stephen would be in the dark.

“Do you see anyone?” Stephen asks as he takes a few steps in the direction he thought Klara was standing.

“No, I do not see anyone but you.” Zsofia says as she and Tamas step as close to the water’s edge as possible. “Everything went quiet very quickly. What happened?”

“I’m not sure.” Stephen replies as he begins to feel the true temperature of the water. “I’m coming to shore, we need to follow the current, maybe they floated downstream.”


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