Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 584) Entrance

Understanding that Zsofia’s pause means she fears the worst, Stephen does not elaborate. He realizes if Laszlo is gone, both siblings will have a very hard time moving forward without him. The loss he felt when he learned of his parents passing begins to saturate his own thoughts.

It was the realization of knowing he was completely alone in the world that made him feel empty and vulnerable. Shivering, he blows on his hands to warm them and then reaches for the flashlight in Zsofia’s hand.

“Can I use this a minute?” He asks as his hand touches hers.

“Yes.” She replies as she looks up, and then runs her fingers across his brow to clear his wet hair from his face.

“We need to find Klara and your grandfather.” He says without taking his eyes off her.

Without another word, he turns the beam of light toward the dark and painfully calm water. Panning back and forth, he hopes to find Laszlo and Klara walking toward him, but this is not the case. He looks back at Zsofia as she holds hands with Tamas, guiding him along the slippery stones and dirt that span the length of the stream.

Up ahead, where the stone frame of the house creates a straight long wall, Stephen notices a large dark area and can hear water running as if a waterfall is near. He helps Zsofia with Tamas and as they get closer, they realize the dark area is the massive entrance to a cave.


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  1. interesting, please continue

    November 13, 2015 at 9:23 pm

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