Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 585) Descent

“Grandfather? Klara?” Zsofia asks as they approach the huge dark opening.

The current is a little stronger here and it is obvious from the sound of the water, there is quite a drop just past the foundation of the house. Stephen shines the beam of the flashlight down inside the huge opening and it appears their suspicions are true. The grotto is much like a tunnel jetting straight down and the beam from the flashlight does not travel far enough to see all the way to the bottom.

“Klara! Laszlo!” Stephen yells as he carefully leans toward the cavity.

“Be careful.” Zsofia says as she stands behind him.

“Hello?” She yells but again there is no response. “Oh where can they be?”

Stephen hears the panic in her voice as she calls out. Unfortunately, he fears this will not come to the happy conclusion they are hoping for. Stepping dangerously close to where the water cascades over the ledge, Stephen holds onto the masonry wall as he shines the light downward. The cavern seems to go on forever and as he draws the light closer to the inner wall, he is shocked and surprised by what he sees.

On a narrow ledge that is some distance below where Stephen, Zsofia and Tamas are standing, Laszlo is lying face down. In his hand is a short section of the rope Klara retrieved from the conservatory and just moments ago, had it wrapped around her own neck.

The cavernous hole goes straight down into a dark abyss and if Laszlo is still alive and wakes up, the risk of him falling is great.

“I have to get down there to him.” Stephen says as he shines the light around the rock crevice looking for a place to start his descent.


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