Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 586) Optimism

The stones of the wall are wet due to the overflow of water splashing down from the flooded creek, creating very slippery conditions. Stephen sees several rocks protruding out on the right from the naturally formed wall of the cave entrance. He decides this will be the best option for climbing down to help Zsofia’s grandfather.

Glancing up he sees Zsofia looking at him, tears floating in her eyes on the verge of trickling down her cheeks. This entire time, from the moment she first walked into the manor and the first time they kissed, she has been the strong one. She has been the one supporting him and now the tables have turned.

For the first time in his life he is the one in control, he is the one who can make a difference. The nervousness and fear that has shadowed over him like a dark veil, has lifted. Stepping closer to Zsofia, he looks into her eyes.

“He is going to be okay, I just feel it.” Stephen says to her as he pulls her close.

With emotions elevated, she begins to cry and he tightens his hold on her. Realizing Tamas is standing alone, he motions for him to join in the hug as well and Zsofia laughs as she kisses her brother on the cheek.

“I need to get down there.” Stephen says as he shines the light down the dark opening once again.

This time, Laszlo’s left arm moves slightly, or at least he thinks that is what he saw. This gives Stephen hope that he is alive, but he keeps quiet as to not create a false sense of optimism. One thing he knows for sure is that he must help the elderly man before anything else happens to him or the group. The one thing that causes concern for Stephen is the whereabouts of Klara. What has happened to this mysterious old woman and is the Guta with her? Or, is it hiding in the shadows, still watching and waiting for an opportune time to attack?


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