Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 587) The Grotto

Slowly, Stephen steps down from the earthen floor of the basement and finds a foothold as he carefully lowers his body down the rock wall. Gradually and carefully, he finds his footing and continues to weave from left to right as he descends deeper into the large opening.

The flashlight hanging on his belt shines light back and forth with each movement like the pendulum of a clock. Before Stephen reaches the ledge where Laszlo is lying, the old man awakens and begins to roll in an attempt to stand up.

“No grandfather! Don’t move!” Zsofia yells in an effort to stop the man from getting too close to the ledge.

She and Tamas are watching from the opening above and Stephen knows they feel helpless to the situation. He is trying to scale the wall as quickly as possible without causing injuries to himself, but his biggest fear is that going any slower may allow Laszlo to fall deeper into the depths of the grotto. He simply cannot allow any further tragedy to befall this family.

Pulling himself to the right for better footing, he slips in his haste and slides a full body length down the hard cold wall before stopping himself with his foot on a stone jetting out. Stephen looks for a place to grab on with his fingers and just as he reaches out to take hold, the stone supporting his weight breaks away.


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