Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 588) Black Tomb

“Stephen! Stephen are you okay?” Zsofia yells out her voice echoing down into the cavern above the sound of the water gushing over the cliff.

The tumble Stephen took causes the flashlight to shut off and as soon as he gains his bearings, he begins banging on it to relight. From his left he hears a dry childlike giggle, which sends terror through every inch of his body. He recognizes it immediately and knows the demon is there. Without the light, he cannot tell how close the creature is and realizes he is now easy prey. Straining to tighten his muscles, he waits for a painful punch to the ribs but nothing happens.

From high above, he hears Zsofia screaming down to him. It is not because she knows what is happening for she can neither see in this darkness, nor hear the Guta as it sits patiently waiting. No, her anxiety is building because Stephen has not answered her back. In this never-ending black tomb, it is obvious to all that the devil is alive and well here.

Shaking the flashlight, he moves to his right believing he is going back toward the wall but instead, he is moving toward Laszlo and inadvertently trips over him, falling face first onto the solid rock platform. This sudden jolt causes the flashlight to flicker but shut off once again as he rolls onto his back.


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