Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 589) Hanging Rope

Stephen hears the gurgling dry sound of the Guta and with one more shake of the light, it clicks on. Completely petrified as he looks up, Stephen finds himself looking directly into the eyes of the demon. Its powerful arms raised as it straddles over him prepared to thrust its fists down upon him. The rope that Klara worked so hard to retrieve is looped around its neck and to Stephen’s horror, Klara’s limp body is on the other end, tangled and tied to the beast with the same heavy and wet cord.

Stephen is not sure how he knows it, but if he is attacked as he believes he will be, it will be the end of him. He looks up, past the beast and see’s Zsofia staring down at him, knowing she is unaware of what is about to happen. His fear is not for himself instead it is for Zsofia and Tamas. If they witness his death, he knows that image will stay with them, haunting them much as his grandfather’s death still haunts him.

In a slow motion scene played out in his mind, his thoughts and visions of the here and now as well as the past, begin to drift by like clips from a movie. He no longer sees the creature standing over him as the faces of those he loved and lost appear to him, like a collage of snapshots taken over time.

Due to the ceremony presented by Klara as the water level continued to rise, and Laszlo’s attempt to join her, the old man’s eyes are now open and clear. He is now able to see the Guta just like Stephen and Tamas. However, he is unaware that Klara is bound to the beast from knots and twists of the hanging rope.


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