Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 590) Decaying Rope

With the locket of the woman he once loved in his hand, Laszlo rises up from his position on the edge of the cliff as he denounces her name.

“I hate you for what you did and your photograph means nothing to me now!” Laszlo yells as he presses the Turul Amulet onto the monster’s back.

The item steams and burns deep into the red tinted skin of the beast. The Guta lets out a scream and thrashes around as it reacts to what Laszlo has done as the old man hobbles backward to avoid being attacked. Until the beast turns, the old man is unaware of Klara’s entrapment to it. Looking on in horror, he sees her flaccid body being pulled and trampled upon as the creature attempts to remove the locket from its burning skin.

Now panic-stricken, Laszlo grabs for Klara but the forceful pull from the Guta is far too strong and she slips away from him with ease. As the beast moves rapidly in a haphazard motion and a crisscrossed manner, the old man pulls a knife from his pocket and slices through the old decaying rope, cutting Klara free. She is limp and muddy and her clothes torn and tattered but she is breathing, barely.

Whipping violently and screeching with deafening sounds, the creature from the underworld steps back as it spins round scratching at the locket that has now sealed to its skin. With a beastly howl and thunderous pounding, the creature plummets over the edge of the cliff, falling into the deep black abyss with no sound of a landing or an end.


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