Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 591) Weak Eyes

The bottomless cavern grows quiet with the exception of water running over the cliff as it follows the path taken by the Guta. Held in Laszlo’s arms, Klara stirs and feels for the rope that nearly pulled her to her death. Gently they remove the rope from her neck and slowly she turns to look at Stephen.

“You cut it?” The old woman asks in a weak and almost nonexistent voice.

“I did, you were tangled with that. . . that thing” Laszlo says as he takes the soaked item from her hand and with weak eyes, she looks at him and says nothing.

Lighting only a small portion of the deep dark cave is the dim yet steady glow of the flashlight. The cavernous hole where the Guta fell appears never-ending and colossal. Zsofia and Tamas hold each other as they look down at the scene while breathing a sigh of relief that everyone has survived. Though injured, in need of rest and a plan to escape the massive cave, they are alive nonetheless.


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