Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 592) Majestic

As time moves on and months pass, many things have changed at the manor. The restoration is near completion as the structure returns to its once beautiful majestic expression. Stephen’s vision of a country hideaway for travelers has come to fruition as the workers of the manor begin their daily routines to keep guests happy and healthy during their stay.

The sun is just rising over the manicured and neatly designed garden that encompasses the eastern portion of the landscape. Stephen and Zsofia lie in bed, holding each other lovingly, and happily, as the golden rays of the morning begin to peek into the window of their bedroom. The building is so sound and study, they cannot hear the bustle of patrons hurrying down the hall to catch the sunrise from the eastern verandas and sitting areas.

“It’s amazing that one year ago, we were just starting the renovations.” Zsofia’s smile is wide as she leans up on one arm to get a better look at Stephen’s face.

Smiling back at her, he confidently pulls her to him, kissing her on the neck as she begins to giggle. Together they playfully continue their conversation as they begin their day, just as they have many days before it, with ease and contentment. Stephen no longer relies on a bottle of pills to get him through for his world is brighter and more organized than it has ever been before.


To Dance With A Fetch and
The Eyes Of A Fetch
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