Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 593) Magical Setting

Downstairs in the main entry hall, a woman is dusting the banister railing while another is dust mopping the beautiful shiny floors. Fresh flowers adorn a table near the main door and coming down the west hall from the kitchen, a short thin man is pushing a potting cart. He stops at the entrance to the conservatory where he carefully slides the door open in a methodical way, and pulls the cart inside, attempting to be as quiet as possible.

The tall glass garden is overflowing with flowering plants and shrubs along with ornate sculptures made of copper and colored concrete. The many suspended walkways are secure and supported showing off their firmly scrubbed surfaces, which are now free of dust and debris. The tallest trees are trimmed and the ornamental plantings reshaped and manicured perfectly creating a magical setting for easy strolls and gentle conversations.

Inside the contained garden, several individuals are bustling about, one sweeping the twisting curving walkways free of any mulch and dirt, while another is feeding fish in the largest pond near the gently flowing waterfall. As the sun drifts higher, bright light begins to filter in through the many glass angles of the structure creating a prism of light to paint the wall on the western side.


To Dance With A Fetch and
The Eyes Of A Fetch
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