Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 594) Laughter

Zsofia enters the kitchen in a lighthearted way as she begins to assist the cook with several large and small trays of food. The smaller sets are sitting in neat rows for delivery to individual guests rooms, while the larger trays are adorned for the breakfast buffet in the main dining room.

“We are booked full, Ma’am.” A young man says as he taps on the door frame of the kitchen.

He is wearing black pants, a white shirt, burgundy vest and a thin black tie. His shoes are shiny and clean and his hair neatly combed. He quickly turns away and Zsofia watches as he smiles at someone coming down the hall. Soon, Tamas is in view and she observes her brother, and this man of about his age, partake in a handshake known only to them.

Laughing aloud, Stephen joins them in a three-way rendition but since he does not know it, the end effect is quite different and comical to say the least. At this point, everyone in view is breaking into laughter at such a haphazard cluster of befuddlement.

“You men are crazy.” Zsofia says as she dips muffin batter into pans for baking. “But at least you gave it your all.” She grins as Stephen enters the room.

“I have no idea what you are referring to, that handshake was a display of perfection.” He laughs as he wraps his arms around Zsofia, causing her to stop stirring the sweet mix. She sets the spoon down and turns around in his arms.

“Good morning, again.” Stephen says as he kisses her gently.


To Dance With A Fetch and
The Eyes Of A Fetch
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