Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 4) Torment

Nadja’s relationship with Aaron, her long-time boyfriend, is nothing less than a frightening and depressing disaster. His controlling behavior and lack of concern for anyone other than himself has cut into Nadja’s self esteem and taken her to such a low place that she feels she may never recover fully. Abuse can happen in so many ways but to her, the mental aspect of what a demented, hateful and controlling individual can do to another person is by far the worst. To her, you can heal bruises and somewhat forget them, but emotional stress and torment can torture you for an eternity.

The solemn and hurtful state of mind Nadja finds herself in is overpowering. As much as she wishes to escape the world she has grown to know, she fears she will never be free of it. Her sense of safety is void and the loss of herself as an individual is a great disaster. The memories of Aaron yelling, throwing things and demeaning her while in the company of others eats away at her constantly. She needs for her mind to rest, to stop thinking so much, she needs a fresh start and to be alone. As she turns away from the door, she notices a stack of soap on the little table next to where she dropped her bags. Under the sweetly scented pile is a little hand written note.

Ex 04

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