Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 9) Entry

Nadja lies across the bed and takes the journal from its resting place on the pillow. The cover is made of red canvas binding that looks like an old school book. Pulling the thin pen from where it was smartly placed by her aunt, at the first empty page, she begins to make her entry.

“I arrived at the cottage today, August 21st, 2:00 p.m. and just as I knew it would be, the sweet scents created by you enveloped me as soon as I opened the door. I can feel your loving arms around me dear Aunt Josephine and I know I always will. Love you forever and beyond the end of time.” Nadja writes in a slow methodical way.

She then gently closes the small book and places it on the end table near the bed. Rolling over on her left side she rests her head on the pillow and watches a small bird as it flutters on the variegated green shrub just outside the window. Maybe it was from the long walk in the warm sun or perhaps the emotional draining of her energy these past few days, but she cannot keep her eyes open any longer.

“I just need to rest.” She whispers to herself as the images of her estranged boyfriend emerge in her mind.

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