Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 11) Influence

“You are a beautiful child of light,” she remembers her aunt saying during a phone conversation. “You shine so brilliantly my dearest girl, I can see you from thousands of miles away.”

This recollection of positive words spoken by aunt Josephine, just a few weeks prior to her death, brings a smile to Nadja’s face as she opens her tear filled eyes and looks up at the window. Soft rays of sun trickle in through the small oblong panes of glass causing the entire room to glow in a mystical radiance. The comfort and safety of being here at the cottage calms her and she can no longer keep her eyes open. As if floating on air, like a bird souring on the wind, she feels herself drifting into the dream world she finds so peaceful. Happiness consumes her in warmth as Nadja slips off to sleep.

There is some lucidness to the dreams Nadja experiences. She does not have total control of the places she goes or the steps she takes, but she does possess a bit of influence when in a deep stage of sleep. This moment of rest is no different as she finds herself on a dark street that is wet from an earlier rain shower. The road is made of cobblestones and tall buildings fill in around it creating a closed-in alley affect to it. A bit of paranoia is upon her but she knows, even in this dream world, that this is due to the fear of running from Aaron in her waking life. A cold breeze brushes past her as she continues on her way down the hill.

Ex 11

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