Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 15) Fireflies

Fearing Aaron may have followed her to this mountain hideaway; Nadja immediately runs across the room and turns off the light in the kitchen. Slowly walking back to the window she stands up on her tiptoes to look out at the dark landscape. There are no streetlights here, no cars passing by or lamps in other windows. The only light is from the moon and stars as well as the last fireflies of the season.

Looking left and then right, Nadja presses closer to the window to see if any movement is detectable. Even though Aaron never came here with her, his business and the connections he has around the world within the security company he works for is far-reaching. It would be nothing for him to have placed her under surveillance by a member of his personal staff. With all of the possibilities rushing through her mind, the tension in the air is almost unbearable to her. She lifts herself forward, leaning on the kitchen sink, and her toes are no longer touching the floor. Suddenly the preheat timer sounds off on the oven to her left nearly causing her to slip and fall.

“Geez!” She says to herself as she places her feet down firmly on the wooden floor.

Ex 15

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